Middletown, CT

We stopped to meet Ed coming from Newport. He was heading down to Philly and we decided to grab some coffee and say hi. There’s a small park on the banks of the Connecticut River and one of the sculptures was a collection of metal items, including parts of an engine block. With nothing else to do, and iPhone in hand, I thought, “Why not?”

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Yiggy Visits Our New Living Space

We’ve have a new addition to our home almost near completion. Yig came for a visit and made himself comfortable on our new floor.

It should be fun seeing how many places we can find this character.

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I found Kaycie’s Yellow Intel Guy (let’s call him Yiggy), made popular by some of Intel’s processor commercials from a few years back. I had been inspired by some work by other photographers who started using Star Wars characters in the photos. Actually, they made very clever and funny – almost cartoonish – photos. I’m not sure I could aspire to that level, but I thought I’d see how many ways I could use this character.

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An Oddities Visit

I had a chance to visit the New England Oddities Photography Meetup Group this afternoon. I had had a successful morning in Amherst photographically (see my previous post) and I thought I’d see what I could do here with my iPhone/camera as well.

We met at a photo studio in Chicopee and I spotted an interesting combination of window light and a chair. Some of the photographers there were posing for one another using the chair and I noted the way the sun was creating the window light pattern. I had to wait for the photographers to finish so that I could work with the patterns of the window light. I decided to use the chair as a prop. I also had to wait for the pesky clouds to break up and apart enough for the sunlight to come back to recast the nice pattern on the wall. Usually, I give up after a few minutes (clouds can be cruel, sometimes). This time, my patience paid off.

Next, the Meetup organizer asked if anyone wanted to go to the basement to see how cool that is (both in what you see and its temperature). A bunch of us went and, while there, she also took us outside. I made a few photos and saw this set of windows as I was going back into the building.

Here’s a collage of images and, if you’d like, you can click here to download a short slideshow from the mill trip or view it online here…


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Amherst Street Panorama

Made a trip this morning to meet some folks for breakfast. It turns out, I had the wrong day. Rather than waste the trip, I wandered around a bit on this Saturday morning. The sun was breaking through the clouds and, quite often, if you look around, you’ll see some dramatic lighting. I looked across Pleasant Street at a bagel store that had some interesting things in front. I looked past that and saw a church and that’s when it it me, “Wow! Light!”. I had my iPhone and thought I should try to shoot a panorama.

Normally, I shoot panoramas from left to right. I made sure that as I lined up the overlapping images (usually you need to overlap by about 25%), I paid attention to the oncoming traffic. I wanted to make sure no person or vehicle was captured twice. If this happens, you get weird ghosting. Even without such overlaps, you can end up with ghosting. I did, here, but it’s not too bad. As I was managing the overlaps, I noticed the yellow car and hoped that I could capture it in its own frame. I especially wanted that yellow to help make the image pop.

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Me An My iPhone

I recently got an iPhone thanks to points I’d accumulated from my American Express card use. I have had iPhone envy for a while and part of that envy came from seeing photos other photographers made with their iPhones. Now, the newer model even has HDR capability and that’s something I’ve been playing around with recently using my DSLR. Of course, the iPhone’s HDR is simpler and less extreme…but that leaves room for post processing, which I like to do. So, I thought I’d spend some time going forward using my phone in exactly the same way…for the pure pleasure of making good photographs. The fact that the iPhone is so useful in other ways, like being a phone, is nice, too.

I was walking up from my mailbox when I saw the tree shadows on the fresh snow. I thought, wouldn’t that make a nice photograph. Then, all of a sudden, I remembered my iPhone.

I was in the local Price Rite and spotted a spherical mirror over the fresh fruit. I positioned the iPhone to get just the elements I wanted.

I really liked the pattern that the snow and fence created here. It’s going to take a while before I get used to framing an image using the back LCD of either a camera or my iPhone. I’m so used to optical viewfinders that I’m sure I may have gotten a better angle. This one isn’t bad, though.

Earlier In The Month

Shortly after I got my iPhone, in early January, I had a chance to go for a short photo excursion with my brother, Art. He’s a terrific photographer and will often spend more time shooting a scene that I will. That leaves me time to not only make a few photos of my own, but often include photos of him making photos. Here’s one image from my Project 52 posting for Week 51.

The posting states that I was fooling with HDR and that shooting ice might be a good test for this. Truth be told, I’m not sure I really had the camera set to HDR mode. The ice photos worked, though, because, it was an overcast day.

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I Love Photography

I’ve always loved the notion that a fleeting instant could result in a memorable image that transcends time. I have always tried to make images that you might recall fondly later on, therefore. Sometimes, I even succeed.

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